Rebecca Giffen

web developer | ui designer


Hello I'm Rebecca, a BA Internet Design Graduate. Nice to meet you! Since the beginning of my degree, I grew a real passion for front end web development, with most of my work focusing on how everything looks and feels from a consumer perspective, and the methodologies of why things work. My journey in the industry started many years ago after completing a Foundation Year in Computing, however I found it a bit 'mathematical heavy' which is when I realised, I was a designer rather than a scientist. I have always been interested in art; from the age of 3, I fondly remember being happiest with a pile of A4 paper and pencils. I'd usually be drawing caricatures of my pre-school peers or animals from my favourite cartoons. So creativity has always been a part of me. A lot of my work now draws influences from my favourite dadaist artists such as; David Hockney, Saul Bass and Josef Müller Brockmann.


Being extremely design driven, I create clean, modern and bespoke websites tailored especially for you. All work starts with communication and pen with paper. Creating your website is a journey that we are on together. I specialise in front end developing for different device sizes, which can be defined as the design aspect of a website, working with various frameworks, but predominantly Materialize and Bootstrap.


User Interface is everything about the look and feel of a website, everything from the colour palette to the shape of a button. Starting on pen and paper, prototypes are then created in a program before any of the coding is done, this is called 'usability testing'. I design responsively, meaning that the websites I create are accessible on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


Want to see a bit more of what I do? Click to see portfolio of recent work.


For any information or other enquiries, please fill out your details below with a message and I will be in contact with you as possible.